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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 8, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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a programming note, maria will be speaking with republican nominee donald trump, and do not miss that. catch me at noon on outnumbered and we'll cover the economic speech by trump on the fox news channel. that does it for us here. and ashley webster is in for stuart varney. ashley: thank you very much, marilyn, i appreciate that, blonds have more fun, we know that. good morning, everyone, i'm ashley webster in for stuart. here are your big stories kicking off the week. just a few hours from now, as sandra said, donald trump makes his economic pitch. here is what we know, a 15% tax rate for businesses and end the death tax, get rid of the paris climate agreement and he will take the stage at 12 noon in detroit. we'll be covering that, of course. also, just when you thought it was over, we have another item in the clinton e-mail scandal. this time, how one of those e-mails on her private server could have led to the execution of a nuclear scientist. don't look now, we could have
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another rally on our hands, futures pointing to green arrows at the open. we are now on dow 19,000 watch yet again. can you believe it? and alex rodriguez retiring, he will stay on to be an instructor for the yankees and remember, back in 2007 he signed a 275 million dollar contract. he's crying. "varney & company," we're not crying, we're up. ♪ >> i wouldn't cry, he's still getting 26 million, i'd be crying with joy. >> first, there's some breaking news, a global system outage grounding all monday flights for delta airlines. i hope you are not taking a delta flight today, anyone out there. details e-mack liz: what happened at 2:30 a.m. eastern time in atlanta, an outage. and breaking news is that they're resuming flights, expect delays and cancellations
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and delta shares have been under pressure. they're down about 25% year to date. so, we're watching this. this has been a problem for a number of airlines since the beginning of the year with outages and-- >> that's a huge glitch. this was worldwide, right? >> it's global and comes on top of already long security waits and people getting upset. so, call the airline ahead of time and don't just show up and see if your flight is going to leave, chances are it may not. >> these are going to take time to smooth out the domino effect. at least they're getting going again. take a look at slightly higher opening for stocks. futures are up 21. and check the s&p 500 futures and an all-time record close, 2178, that's what we think. and let's take a look at oil though. moving higher this morning, e-mack, up 1 1/2%, why the move up? liz: here is possibly the issue, opec is meeting in late september. now the oil minister saying
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yes, we want to cut production, however, saudi arabia is saying no to that, iran saying no to that, so the race is on, whether or not opec-- and russia is not a member of opec, by the way, whether they will cut production and the webster ratio. ashley: still in play liz: this is adding to the skittishness, with oil breaking below $40 a barrel. investors are already on edge. ashley: we know we've got a huge supply we've got to burn through liz: we know that venezuela and other players like russia want to cut production and boost oil prices and their budgets are under severe pressure. ashley: not giving up the market share and pumping at full tilt. thank you. and market watcher steve cortez is here. steve, thanks for joining us on a monday morning. >> good morning. ashley: big names saying now maybe it's time to sell and goldman sachs is saying that and citi says you can't fight the rally. what the heck do you do? what do you say?
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>> at all-time highs it never hurts to take some profit. i'm not negative on the market or short anything here. oil, to me, that's the biggest concern. if you were to ask me at all-time highs, how does it unravel itself. >> history doesn't repeat itself, but rhymes. it had a rough july and a dreadful august. i fear that could happen again, oil is down about 20% in july. that's a serious move. and because the u.s. is it now saudi america and we're such an oil producer, that matters to us. while some people do benefit at the gas pump, i think on balance the united states now is a country that prefers higher oil. that's my biggest worry and i know that might not be the best tv answer, i'm fairly neutral here. ashley: i get what you're saying. >> not willing to be short. ashley: and let's get to politics. donald trump giving a speech in detroit. steve, i know you're a trump guy. what would you like to hear? . >>.
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>> what i'd like to hear is a message of optimism and hope and growth. i think we'll get that. he's been incredibly on message for the last week and i'm glad to see that. it can't be one week, it needs to be months if we're going to win that. one thing that doesn't get enough attention is regulation. for the first time we have more american businesses closing than opening and that's a tragedy. small businesses are the worse it afflicted and startups by regulation, they can't handle it. the obama administration has now passed or enacted 600 major new regulations and each one has an economic cost to the economy of $100 million. so this is incredible drag on growth. it's incredible tax on the average american. i want to see him talk about how we can unleash the potential america. and i watched that as i watched the olympics, unbelievable dominant performance in
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basketball, gymnastics, and swimming. america isn't a country that accepts mediocrity and shouldn't in our economy. ashley: good point and bringing the olympics to it as well, steve. we know that hillary clinton, by the way, on thursday is going to be talking about the economy as well. how can trump differentiate his policy from hers? >> well, i think the main thing is freeing the economy. what we're going to hear from hillary clinton is more and more government intervention into our lives. government is our baby sitter, our landlord, our parent, our business owner. i think we can hear the opposite from trump. yes, government has a role to play for conditions of growth primarily sensible regulation and slow, stable, flat tax rate. if we can get that, one issue alone, cutting the tax rate to 15% for corporations, they have trillions of dollars overseas, i believe we'd see reinvestment in a massive way of american capital expenditures, american factories and technology if we don't give them a punitive tax
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rate to repatriate that capital. i think there's enormous potential, he has to layout the current problems and also give incredible solutions which are out there. happy days can come again. we don't have to grow at 1 and 2%. this is beneath the dignity of our country and potential of our country and we need to grow at 3, 4, 5% again and we will. ashley: all right, we'll leave it there, steve. great stuff. we'll see what mr. trump has to say at 12 noon. thank you so much. let's move on to hillary clinton, her private e-mail server containing several messages discussing the iranian nuclear scientist, who, by the way, was executed by iran for treason. he was hanged. tammy bruce is here. tammy, donald trump could use this to go after hillary clinton, surely, this is good ammunition for him that this particular scientist discussed on that private e-mail server and quite, quite possibly could have led to the death of this scientist. >> look, already, some of the
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legacy media has to discuss this because it's so outrageous and exactly-- >> up until now, they ignored this. >> they'll cover it for a day and then go into the memory hall. and the man defected and went back a year later and was a hero in the iran media and we have the hillary server unprotected e-mails on the server that referred to him in some obvious ways, not using his name, but when it came to his actions where he defected, what was going on, it was undeniably him. and suddenly arrested, with a rope around his neck and sends a message to everybody else when it comes to helping the united states, that hillary clinton in particular can be played and cannot be trusted liz: the e-mail in question, our friend has to be given a way out.
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our person won't be able to do anything anyway, if he has to leave, so be it. referred to him as our friend. ashley: we've said this wanton disregard of using this personal server, could cost someone their life. this scientist very well is an example of that. >> there's no connection yet between the e-mail and whether or not iran knew about it. ashley: well, they were talking about him in 2010 on e-mail, it was nine days before he returned to iran. >> arrested in 2011. ashley: that's right. >> and the difference here, i think, too, is that you've got to realize this is the kind of thing that wasn't marked classified, but every conversation and this has been one of the main points between the state department, the secretary of state and her staff has got to be classified the moment it's discussed. and this is only one case. out of all those years that we know that this has occurred. we can, i think, extrapolate the nature of the kind of problems. ashley: the there were 300 people on the chain and thought
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it was fine to talk about it and why shouldn't you? >> it means your entire system is corrupt and everybody in your system doesn't know what they're doing and that's nothing to crow about. this is for donald trump, not just politically it's expedient. it's not, it's a highlight of why he exists and what his position is and why it's important for americans to make this important decision, we'll see if donald trump gets into this or not. tammy, thank you. and the jim furyk set a pga record, a 58 in the final round of the championship. six players shot a 59, but furyk stands alone 58 through 18 holes and 10 birdies and an eagle and e-mack, you have a tweet liz: take a look at the score car, 10 birdies, 7 pars and one eagle. from espn, this is what a 58 looks like on a score card. ashley: seven in a row
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liz: you said you'd be lucky to get a 58 in the first nine. ashley: i'd be happy with that. [laughter] >> this is extraordinary, he on his 16th hit a birdie and 24-foot putt. >> wow. ashley: he averaged three a hole liz: this is astonishing. he's 46 years old. there's 1.2 million dollar record, championship money. ashley: he finished fifth because there are four rounds, but not one liz: he's in the record books now. ashley: okay, back to your money. here is a look at the futures for you, dow, s&p and nasdaq. by the way the nasdaq and s&p, all-time record highs last friday and they closed that and moving higher. today the dow up 20 points and it looks like a higher open at least at this point. the ratings, by the way are in for the rio olympics opening ceremony, i don't know if any of you caught them, i did not. they are not good, the ratings. 26 million people tuning in
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that's 35% decline from the audience for the london opening ceremony four years ago. and we're finally getting a look at the $400 million we paid to iran for the release of those four hostages. >> and tragedy at a water park, a boy killed in an accident on the world's largest water slide. we'll have the latest details.
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>> we have breaking news out of afghanistan. the u.s. embassy in kabul confirming an american citizen has been kidnapped. let's go to liz for more on that liz: the evening of august 7th, two foreigners were kidnapped, two foreign professors, one is an american. we don't know the names yet. the other may have been an australian national. and it's unclear where they worked at the university.
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ashley: no other claims of responsibility liz: or ransom, nothing, or who we'll stay on the story for you. ashley: thanks, e-mack. let's check the big board for you. we'll open just under 15 minutes. the dow is showing a gain as we open up 23 points, 18,477. we kind of tongue in cheek said are we on 19,000 watch. we have a ways to go. we're showing you allergan because the botox maker showed a bigger second quarter loss as the alzheimer's drug lost exclusivity. it means it will have competition. that stock hurting a little bit. we'll keep an eye on that. the headline, iran-some, said that it had the $400 paid before the americans hostages were released. president obama said, it wasn't ransom. come in general jack keane. general, is there any doubt in
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your mind that this wasn't a ransom payment? >> i don't know anybody could look at this with a degree of common sense and can't come away with the reality that this is ransom. let's take the administration's narrative for a second. i mean, they say it's not, but then it's absolutely incompetence because why would you trade the money back to iran, which they believe they dutifully owed the money, at the same time they released the homes. they gave iran a huge propaganda victory. everyone has used that inside iran as ransom. the entire middle east believes it's ransom. it looks like ransom, it is ransom. the administration if they're telling the truth, inincredible incompetence. ashley: it continues to hold the line that this was part after decades long agreement over weapons that were paid for by iran and never delivered to the u.s. and the timing was
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purely coincidental. >> that doesn't make any sense and we know it doesn't make any sense. here is what's serious about this. we have three new iranian prisoners since this deal was made and obviously, this is a good thing for them. they're going to get more money in the future, they're convinced of that. and what do they do with this money? it goes for rockets and missiles to hamas and hezbollah to conduct against the israelis and hezbollah does regional terrorist activities. it goes to support their iranian operations in syria and in iraq and iranian operations in yemen. so this money gets put to good use, put into coffers of the revolutionary guard force, they report to the supreme leader of iran and they carry out all of their terrorist activities and unconventional warfare activities.
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they report to no general, they only report to the supreme leader. ashley: this is what iran said after killing the scientist, they've been linked to the united states and satan and obama administration, how do you react to that. >> that rhetoric is totally supportive of what iranians have done since had this summer. they've taken the gloves off. multiple missile launches and embarrassing our navy patrol vote and the fact the money they're going to get. the windfall money they're going to get will move them in the direction of dominating that region. that's what their strategic objective is is to dominate the middle east and the fact that they're influencing syria, iraq, yemen and lebanon, they already are making serious moves in that direction.
9:20 am
s this the number one fear in the region, it's not isis. the number one fear in the region is iran's domination of the region and the fact that the united states has given them the money to see those opations. ashl: and the leeway. general jack keane, thank you as always, appreciate it. >> good talking to you guys. ashley: it's official, wal-mart will be buying in a $3 billion deal. we look at before the market opens, wal-mart moving slightly higher, as you can see. meantime, suicide squad was a big winner at the box office, despite the, frankly, tepid reviews, took in 135 million bucks, and jason bourne to a distant second. i love the bourne movies though. hillary clinton holds her first news conference in seven months, tells she was short circuited when explaining her e-mail problems. what the neck is that? you'll hear it next.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> to the election. hillary clinton, she held a press conference for the first time in over 240 days. she told reporters she short circuited while trying to explain statements made by fbi director james comey about the e-mail server.
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>> i was pointing out in both of those instances that the director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. i may have short circuited and for that i, you know, will try to clarify because i think, you know, chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other because, of course, he could only talk to what i had told the fbi and i appreciated that. ashley: well, clarify not exactly the word i would use. tammy bruce, back to you. i mean, theexplanation is more con confusing the than the original statement. >> she's either a robot or she's a woman who lies. the clintons are liars, very good at it. they've gotten away with it their entire careers, this is the meaning of"is" is. and i think this is classic clinton and she's been caught.
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ashley: we're moments away from the opening bell. stocks near record highs. green arrows across the board and 19k within reach. the opening bell moments away.
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>> all right. we're about 19 seconds or
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thereabouts before the opening bell and get a new week underway. as we said, the s&p and the nasdaq finishing record highs on friday. can we keep the momentum going? a lot of of eyes on oil and oil up nearly 2%. so oil may be putting the market higher as well. we're off and running. here we go. dow jones, we said we'd be higher, we're down. i'm just joking, the dow board, we are up a whopping 10 points, kind of on the fence, flat, trading water, every cliche you can think of. let's look at the s&p 500 for you, the s&p up about 1 point at 2184. the nasdaq,also, moving up, all of these are record highs, i guess if they closed as a record on friday, they continue to be records as long as they stay in the green. let's take a look at oil, i mentioned before moving higher now, up 2%. up 85 cents at 42.66. it wasn't that long ago, was
9:31 am
it, that we were at like 39-something. so oil is starting to recover. let's take a look at the 10-year treasury for you, up 1.58%, the treasury. the individual stocks as we like to do, the big ones, ones you know about, amazon moving up barely 766. apple, a story that chinese consumer putting off iphone purchases until the new model comes along, kind of like in this country. apple at 107. more big names that we check every day, of course, facebook, also, same story, up slightly at 125. google/alphabet also just moving a little lower, down 1.4, 805. microsoft, stuart is smiling somewhere, but it's just barely eking out a gain. almost $58. and let's have a look this one, it's been taken private by the way, look at that.
9:32 am
114% liz: they're jumping on the mattresses. ashley: they're jumping up and down on that mattresses, box springs, 34 bucks. joining us liz macdonald, scott shellady, tammy bruce are all here. some big names saying time to sell and others come along, don't fight the rally. can you fight the rally? >> i think it would be foolish to fight the rally. central bankers made it clear what they want. as scott and i said, do you want to be profitable or right? the disaster, everybody right about that, but profits at the end of the day make you wealthy. ashley: scott, i have a hard time getting to the fact that we have gdp that's so slow and then we have this amazing jobs number. where is the disconnect? i don't understand. >> well, the disconnect, there's something in the economy that's broken. having jobs numbers on friday
9:33 am
and the brits cut rates last week, too, we didn't get a lot out of either one of those things, so i think that we could be running out of steam, but i'm out here to call the top. we have other people calling a top. jeffrey gundlach, and gross. and we could rally, but at the end of the day we're close to the top of this mountain and running out of oxygen. whatever you want to call a high, your ultimately wrong, b but-- >> gundlach made the right call on interest rates and the junk bond market. ashley: we should pay attention liz: do we ring the bell at the top or have room to run. ashley: go ahead, scott, fitz, i'm sorry. >> and you've got to bear in mind, ashley, every single one of those individuals, soros,
9:34 am
gundlach have called tops incorrectly the last several years. >> that's a point. >> you have to take this with a grain of salt, whether they're credible or not. ashley: scott, oil, russia making some noise, maybe a september opec meeting and mayb down protection, what do you say? >> that's all it takes, saw the inventory last week and took some solace, but they didn't read the third line, gasoline line, we've got maybe an offensive line cut and that's probably going to power us up more, but at the end of the day i'm bearish and ultimately we've got a supply issue, not a short-term headline usual. >> we can't continue to-- we shouldn't dismiss the continued interest saudi arabia has in slowing down russia and its relationship with iran.
9:35 am
that political frame work still has an impact on the nature of the flow of oil and the cost of oil because that, of course, hurts russia, it will slow down their assistance to iran and hurts china. ashley: political reasons as well. good point. let's talk about apple. consumers are putting off iphone purchases until the new model comes alongment keith, you keep an eye on asia for us. >> that's typical the chinese get the sense that the next newest greatest thing is out there, whether it's apple or not. what concerns me about this, you've got big competitors there and opens the door for apple's brand to be diminished over there. whether that happens, i don't know. the psychology is troubling liz: it's an interesting point that he makes. apple is seen as a follower and keith is right, the chinese
9:36 am
market, in 2009, it was glitzy and glamorous. china is a big deal for apple. ashley: it is. let me move on quickly, delta, a lousy morning for them. anyone who had a flight booked with delta today. a computer glitch essentially grounding all the planes and we understand they're coming back. >> delta is now saying large scale flight cancellations. so-- >> oh liz: that's bad news. the flights which are already en route operating normally. but if you're scheduled to fly out of delta, your flight could be delayed or likely canceled. the outage was 2:30 eastern time. >> the regular earn about would -- the regular person would wonder, aren't there redundancies? and it's a question, the major airlines do they not have
9:37 am
redundant systems to make sure that this wouldn't happen. ashley: was that you, scott, trying to get in? go ahead, scott, go ahead. >> it goes to show you how reliant we are upon a lot of these backup systems and when they break down, a halt we come to. and it happens in our business, too, we have a business done electronically, there's a day we wouldn't let an exchange be closed three days in a row, hey, now if there's a glitch, five days in a row, nobody cares. sometimes you just worry about people showing up to work. ashley: to err is human, but to scrub, you need a computer. >> and this raises a prospect of cyber terrorism. if you have something as simple as an airline reservation system going down worldwide, what does it say about power grids, about all the other things we depend on, not the least of which is the banking
9:38 am
system. ashley: very good point. let's check the big board for you, we're just seven, eight minutes into the session. as you can see, the dow up now 16 points at 18,559. s&p 500 also moving, well, ever so slightly higher. just up a tick at 2184. the nasdaq, also, finished at a record last friday's session up again today, just barely, 5 522. and alzheimer's drug lost patent exclusivity, and this is down about 2%. dean foods makes organic dairy products, profits disappointing and down it goes. tyson food makes hillshire farms, sarah lee and the company raising outlook and up that stock goes at 75. lower sales at sotheby's, but still, better than expected. not going, going gone, but it's up 10%.
9:39 am
lower profit at chip maker are on, semiconductor, but still beats the street on semiconductors. it's up 3% at 10.30. now take a look at wal-mart, expect today announce a deal to buy the on-line retailer nicole, what do you have? >> let's look at wal-mart. down fractionally. it helps wal-mart compete against amazon. they launched their on-line operation 15 years ago and it's secondary and they are now paling in comparison to the other e-retailers, amazon in particular. now, they take on and acquire something we opened, should close by the end of the year. what's interesting is the guy behind it. this guy, mark lore who actually sold his business to amazon in 2010. then was on board with amazon and now is doing it again here with and joining wal-mart sources. so pretty interesting. very entrepreneurial and bold
9:40 am
vision. ashley: we love those. nicole, thank you so much, appreciate it. to politics now, donald trump, as we know, giving a speech on the economy this afternoon from detroit. scott, you first, what would you like to hear from mr. trump today? >> well, you know, as it's rumored he's going to address the fiscal side, taxes and regulation. that's got to be the answer. we saw britain cut interest rates and we've seen a decent jobs report, but the modest side of our tools are not working and that's why gundlach and others are calling a high, the sugar rush is abating. i'd love to see him address taxes and regulation, that's the only way out and unfortunately the beginning of next year at the earliest. ashley: and keith, taxes and regulation, what else would you like to hear? >> whatever it is i'd like it to be huge from donald. [laughter] he's got to-- the market craves certainty right now and if he can provide that, then, you know what?
9:41 am
his polls numbers are going to jump. if he doesn't we'll get some volatility in the market this year. ashley: tammy, huge, anytime he sticks with the trump, i like the teleprompter trump and off the cuff trump. it reminds of his success. the child care dynamic, tax deductible cost for child care. hillary's plan has the government more involved. ashley: more for taxpayers liz: quickly, trump is equal or ahead of hillary on the economy. and the obama administration, the banks, internet and energy. trump is talking energy, helping the energy sector. ashley: tammy, scott, keith, thank you all for joining us on this monday. appreciate it. taking a look at the dow for you. some modest gains, we'll take it on a monday morning.
9:42 am
up 11 points, 5 by 5, maybe on 19-k watch, we shall see. an e-mail on hillary's private e-mail server could have a connection to the execution of an iranian scientist. we'll have judge napolitano. donald trump is getting back on message, at least that's the hope, laying out his plan to fix the economy. we're talking to one of trump's top economic advisors next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> take a look at the s&p 500.
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we seem to say this almost every day. hitting another lifetime high. still on the upside about a point and a half at 2184. and a move higher. now this, a new e-mail off clinton's e-mail server, an iranian scientist executed. judge napolitano is here. and people will say there's no correlation between her talking about this individual not by name, and executed by treason. theres' no doubt that it's definitely established that this individual is talked about back in 2010 on the private e-mail server. >> it's a complex case. ashley: yes. >> and the following appears to be so: it appears as though he was a spy for american intelligence services and it appears as though the american
9:47 am
intelligence services and i'm using that phrase intentionally, i don't know whether it was cia or military intelligence service, paid him a huge amount of money. ashley: millions and millions. >> so when we were negotiating with the iranians over the nuclear capability, we knew what that capability was. then, in order to hide the fact that he has a spy, he publicly claimed that he had been arrested, detained, beaten and tortured by the cia. the same people who presumably was part of the crew that was-- >> that was his story. >> that was his story and he pointed to some evidence to substantiate that and he couldn't wait to get back to iran. the iranians did not fall for that. they tried him in secret and the execution just two days in secret. then it appears on the server, the fbi, mrs. clinton's server, the fbi found references to him. as you said, they referred to
9:48 am
him as our friend. . ashley: yes. >> we do not know if the iranians had this because director comey, the fbi director sort of spoke in a code in which he said, she, mrs. clinton, used these nonsecure servers to send information to people who lacked security clearance, we know who that is, ed blumenthal, these people, mr. blumenthal were hacked and she used her nonsecure mobile device when she was physically located in the territory of hostile governments. that could be russia, i don't know whether she was ever in iran, but close to iran. >> very vulnerable, out there to be hacked, wouldn't have taken that much. >> so the question is this, the $64,000 question. did the iranian government use mrs. clinton's e-mail in which she referred to this guy as our friend, use evidence against him when they tried and convicted him for treason.
9:49 am
we may not know this. a senator who pointed this out, another example of the cavalier, in my view, way that she treated state secrets. ashley: thises with an around 2010 nine days about of this scientist returned to iran. so, the timing would suggest that this individual is the one who is being talked about. >> i don't think there's any question this is the one talked about. ashley: the question is whether iran used this against him. >> against him. can you imagine this, they used a hacked e-mail of the secretary of state of the united states in a treason prosecution against one of their senior scientists. how could she explain that. ashley: and we always said this vulnerability of her e-mail server could very well end up killing someone. >> she has a lot of detractors in the intelligence community because of this, and some of them, some of them believe that
9:50 am
some american intelligence agencies lost their lives because of the cavalier way that she treated she is secrets. ashley: at least 63 people were killed in a bombing in a pakistan hospital, it's a story that continues to be worse and worse liz: that's right, now, 70 believed dead. it happened in southwestern pakistan. up to 120 to 130 injured. you're seeing an assault, an attack on the emergency room. t the-- now the taliban-linked terror group is taking responsibility. they brought the lawyer to the hospital and opened fire again and targeted and killing 18 lawyers in the group. so this story is developing. we'll stay on it for you. ashley: dreadful. thank you very much.
9:51 am
let's get back to the markets, and check the market scan of the dow 30. may be a slight majority in the red. exxon, oil companies leading the way. exxon and chevron all up close to 2%. dozens of syrian refugees being resettled to core communities in virginia, hours away from d.c. that's interesting, isn't it? details on that next hour. and trouble in the polls for donald trump. hillary clinton leading big with women voters, we've got the numbers for you next. ♪
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> here is a story we're following for you this morning. oil is up 2% on talk of a production freeze. we'll see about that, but the drillers leading the s&p 500. hillary clinton widening the gap in the polls. showing that clinton has a 23 point lead more trump wrong women voters. are we that surprised? and lee carter is with us. lee, we were joking in the commercial break, so, we kind of knew that this was going to be the case and i don't think that donald trump's really done a whole lot to try to change that dynamic. >> exactly right. this is no big surprise after hillary had quite a good
9:56 am
convention whether you like it or not. and there's a moment in time she's the first female nominee and whether you like her or not you have to celebrate that. on the other hand, donald trump has been shooting himself in the foot. he can make a rebound. let's remember-- >> question. is there any way he can claw back some of that? >> sure, he can. it's a snapshot, a moment in time. it's let's look at what's happening. he had a bad week spending time talking about the khan family and the crying baby. he should be moving on and talk about making america great and the jobs, the economy, terrorism, national security, that's why people want him in office and he's got to be back on the offense. ashley: i would imagine with the female vote that there's not a whole lot of that that's on that particular category they're on the fence. donald trump is the kind of person who kind of elliicits
9:57 am
strong emotion when it comes to the female vote and makes it harder for him to get more voters. >> that's fair. more than 50% of voters changed their minds on how they're going to vote. it's a question of who you like more. do you like-- it's a moment. i don't like either of them. don't trust either of them and flip-flops back and forth. ashley: fascinating. as you said, a day is a long time in politics. lee carter. >> sure is. >> thanks for being here. >> appreciate it. >> yes, another day, another scandal for the clinton campaign. and we're awaiting donald trump's speech, he will be at noon in detroit. >> the dow trading just about flat. almost turned negative and we'll keep an eye on that and oil. more varney two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
ashley: donald trump, he wants to make the economy great again and it's about economic outline his plan. less regulation, more energy production in the end of the death tax. meanwhile, hillary clinton linked to an iranian nuke scientist reports he was mentioned in your e-mail referring to him as a friend. the scientists now executed by iran for being a spy. hillary in the news for the him and i him and him and the fact in our "varney & company" starts right now. ♪ him him him him him him and will rally not a production praise. the market turned ever so slightly negative.
10:01 am
oil at 2.5% continuing to gain on a potential phrase of protection. pushes the market higher. let's move onto another one. mattress firm being taken up 114%. big problems for delta today with a systemwide computer outage, absolute chaos. dream for large scholar -- liz: large-scale consolation. a power outage hit the systems worldwide started at 2:30 a.m. eastern time last night in atlanta. expect cancellations. donald trump about two come out with a fit plan. what is it going to say? >> dynamism back into the u.s. economy by cutting taxes, cutting regulations.
10:02 am
there's been a flurry of regulations under the obama administration the last couple years. those years. bazaar to dynamite out of the infrastructure down there. cutting taxes to 50%. the obama administration has been moving the rulemaking on banks, the energy sector, internet, health care. you or is that the u.s. economy not firing on all four cylinders like you should be. talk about infrastructure buildout as well. the amount of money hillary clinton plans to spend do it via bonds to invest in infrastructure here. ashley: meanwhile, partners in peace, i say that sarcastically. iran executed a nuclear scientist for spying. he is right there. what is the story? liz: hillary clinton's private e-mail system apparently had an e-mail chain on that.
10:03 am
scientists are referred to our friends. there's no connection yet made between his execution. u.s. hanged over the weekend. this was an e-mail in her private server. he was reportedly up to did, basically interrogated by the cia. he went missing and i believe 2011. we are tracking this story for you. nuclear scientist executed for treason. stuart: thank you very much. the institute for the study of four. chris harmer. iran says the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. by the execution and why all the secrecy? >> well, iran executes nuclear scientists all the time. they have a massive nuclear research and scientists. we have penetrated that another
10:04 am
friends have penetrated that appeared very concerned about the purity inside the nuclear program. as a result they're constantly executing people they believe are traitors whether they are or not. it is also key to keep in mind even though we see some superficial compliance by the iranian regime in terms of not enriching uranium for their common every other aspect there is violation continuing to research and develop ballistic missiles that continue to finance syria and sudan. they continue to sponsor terrorist organizations. stuart: let me get to this one. president obama wants us to believe we didn't pay $400 million in money to iran. it aired about a month after the money was delivered allegedly bragging about the slop in the arrival of the creative cash. your thoughts there? >> assumed this? >> is in this wasn't a ransom although it looks like a red cent.
10:05 am
the iranian regime beyond that come in the street is far higher than currencies. when you and i engage in legitimate commercial transaction commits a mortgage, we use electronically denominated transactions to conduct a type of business. those are the guys who made $400 million in cash. it is worth 10 times as much as that because they can use that to whichever organization may need. it's difficult to transfer a billion dollars to hezbollah electronically. it's easy for them to transfer that cash if they give it to them. ashley: at the administration says this is part of a decade-long agreement or u.s. is making good on a deal that it didn't come plate and the timing was merely coincidental. for the most part, most of the media seem to accept it on face
10:06 am
value. >> the only decade-long strategy is the islamic republic of iran's leadership has to proliferate international terrorism. hezbollah and lebanon. shia militias in iraq across the world you see places where the iranians are intervening as a sponsor of terror by of terror whether you get a republican president democratic president or house, senate. every iteration is recognized as a state-sponsored terror for the $400 million in cash is going. ashley: does that worry you this could prompt more kidnappings not only in iran but elsewhere given what we seen how this deal went down. >> it is certainly an open invitation to iran or surrogates to kidnap americans because they have a $400 million payout that isn't ransom. someone also get the same deal. we've opened the door to further misbehavior by a friend and his surrogates. it's important to keep in mind
10:07 am
the state-sponsored doesn't directly sponsor terror and doesn't directly finance organized any foreign terrorist organization. they sponsor organizations around the world including south america. this right here is significant. it is worldwide. they are doing an excellent job of executing our strategy. we look like we are defenseless in response to them. ashley: thank you so much. appreciate your time this morning. top officials at the biggest police union upset with hillary clinton saying she snapped them after finding out she wouldn't be seeking the union's endorsement. this from the present of the national fraternal order of police say and it sends a powerful message to be honest with you i was disappointed and shocked. sirius xm patriot does david webb with us now. why wouldn't hillary clinton reach out for their endorsement.
10:08 am
>> the fact is the democrat party led now by barack obama and what their presumptive nominee has created fostered an end to anti-police one-person message. they've done so because it hurts to pull the black base, the minority basin to drive this black lives matter. they formed for more relationships, but not formal relationships are foster formal relationships of the men and women who protect our communities. donald trump filed the paperwork. presidential candidates filed the paperwork because you want to talk to the fraternal order of police or the bigger agencies around the country or the organization. you don't mistakenly not do this. her husband david. this is not news. what will he need to focus on is that the democrats will do with law enforcement.
10:09 am
blue uniformed police officers on the dnc floor because that would upset their blacklist matter partners. the mothers of the movement. look at the overarching narrative. you're standing in the context of things. you are talking about the iranian deal than what they are doing what the scientists. to believe that iran stopped making a delivery system for the day when they launched into a weapon i system versus what they do, do we believe this or that ransom was coincidental. you've got to look at the same is all part of the peer ashley: top at noon today outlining getting back on track. what are you hoping to hear from him? >> i liked what he said. dynamite. one of the things he's going to propose a moratorium on regulation. i find that to be a fact that i'm reviewing current fad.
10:10 am
you want to review what it is. i matter you can take apart bad regulations and fix the ones that have potential to be good. that is called a businesslike approach. were this the regulatory burden. the total tax burden as individuals or companies. the money that's gone before you get your feet on the floor in the morning, gone before it gets him from the office or as a business the money that is gone before you even look at the profit yourself. we've got to build that back. energy is key. get offside all else by growing american energy as revenue and tax revenue. stuart: very good if we believe great stuff. thank you very much. the world's largest aircraft, the ireland or 10. coming out of its hangar in england for the very first time. it is planned.
10:11 am
the brisk holiday flying bomb. more than 300 feet long. it can carry around 50 people and it can be flown by remote control for three weeks. massive swarm of bees stinging people in a wal-mart parking lot. this is in oklahoma city. tens of thousands of bees escape when a person in selling beehives made a buyer in the parking lot. three people had to be hospitalized. these gone wild or the one that appeared donald trump getting ready for his big reach on the economy. stay on message and you'll beat hillary. more "varney" next.
10:12 am
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ashley: a young boy with guys tragically after falling at the tallest water slide in kansas. the son of the state -- >> kansas state scott schwab, his son died at the top of the world's tallest water slide in kansas city. you are looking that caleb. it drops 169 feet a speed that 65 to 70 miles per hour. you need to lock up 246 steps to get to the top. we are tracking this story for you. investigators are though determining what happened. they call it an apparent accident. this is a 17 story slide.
10:16 am
ashley: there is a net around the site, obviously to prevent the rats from flying off into key people in. we still don't know the actual cause. trim for we are tracking it for you. ashley: we opened slightly higher or essentially flat at 18542. gold got another quarter of a percent to a 2.5 month low. old had a good run up until now. by the way, wal-mart mobile web retailer and a $3 billion deal and the market says so much. down half a percent for wal-mart. donald trump rebuild its infrastructure plan right here on this very show. take a look. >> we are going to have to go out to the fun, make a phenomenal deal with the low interest rates and we have to rebuild our infrastructure. we have nochoice.
10:17 am
stuart: who would put money into that fun? >> people. investors. the citizens would put money into the fund. we would rebuild our infrastructure with outside. ashley: is expected to unveil the rest of its economic plan. the economic advisory board peter navarro. rates for joining us. global donald trump be outlining today? he's made a lot about cutting corporate taxes, getting rid of regulation. what can we expect? >> you can expect a second economic revolution. the first one in 1990 with ronald reagan. he is going to have four points. he's going to talk about trade and energy and over regulation. all of these pieces seamlessly fit together to double our
10:18 am
growth rate for 3.5% to 4% gdp growth rate per year, which we have been achieved over the last 15 years not coincidently after china joined the world trade organization and started exporting our jobs to asia. ashley: what about trade agreements? i know he thinks about nafta. he has no time for tpp. are we going to hear more about that? >> sure. we talk about china. let's talk about mexico. over the last two years, we've had gm and ford announced multibillion dollars investment south of the border. the question becomes why are they investing in mexico rather than michigan? part of it is the high corporate tax rate, which pushes them off shore into mexico. donald trump is going to cut back.
10:19 am
mexico takes advantage of various loopholes and regulations in nafta and the world trade organization. donald trump will close those. by attacking those kinds of policies, donald trump will bring the auto industry back to michigan and back to the motor city. ashley: you are an economic advisory board. how good of a listener is key when it comes to doing business? has he taken the advice he's given? >> he's a great listener. it goes back to the 80s. we learn from hanahan speier says. we provide what he needs. a very lean, efficient team. this is the issue i hope that this campaign will be determined on. this election will be determined on. on my bucket list i wish we would have an election only about the economy and national
10:20 am
security. he will win that election because he has a plan to get this economy going again, to push the stock market on parallel high. this is the beginning of that day today in detroit. ashley: let's see if he can stay on message. peter navarro on the thank you very much. a huge bomb blast in pakistan. a suicide bomber killed more than 60 people in the southwest of the country. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. turkey's president holding a big rally in a show of strength. this is istanbul. the turkish government that there was trim tab would bring back. refugees in poor communities. hours away from the d.c. suburbs. more "varney" next.
10:21 am
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and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> i really would like him to explain why he paid chinese workers to make trump ties. this is one of them. it's got his name on it of course. ashley: those silly clinton attacking donald trump for making some of his ties overseas. where was her pantsuit made. her pantsuit may pierce >> either china, bangladesh, india or sri lanka. take your pick. these pantsuit server from 3000 to 15,000 bucks. we have donald trump sent fiery
10:25 am
pants suit factory. european suits are made in china, too. >> what are the labor rates on this? ashley: we will get right to you. i know you are a chain. -- pitching. the job right at 18517. reportedly close to signing star player for about $116 million. he's a fringe that is a lot of money. you can spend more? dean foods makes organic dairy products. the stock is down about 6%. check this out. steering refugees are being resettled in poor communities in virginia. hours away from wealthy d.c. suburbs. on one hand we need to help them. no they can't be there.
10:26 am
not in my backyard. david webb. >> the hypocrisy like the ps2. the hypocrisy that comes out of democrats. i am connecting dots today. she goes to a factory that has 13 employees so she sells hypocrisy while her pantsuit star allegedly made somewhere else. they bring in steering refugees which they don't have to repair the state department or other agencies or private organizations which don't report to governors. don't you dare put them in prince george county are one of the wealthy counties. >> they come in and get a stipend. they get the ability with people in the poor communities that need a job. so we import poverty. we are subsidizing and importing
10:27 am
poverty at the same time. that hurts the poor people. ashley: certainly does. thank you. we appreciate it. donald trump is about to make a eech about bringing back jobs and growth. hillary now announced she would give a speech on the economy, too. also in detroit. she was going to raise taxes on the middle class. that isn't what hillary said at all. more "varney" next. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
10:28 am
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10:31 am
ashley: well, we started slightly higher. we are down 25 points. oil rallying on a production freeze for at least the rumor of it. doesn't mean it's going to happen. just enough to talk about it. oil at 3% of order three bucks. big names every day. facebook, amazon, apple, google, alphabet. only microsoft is not moving lower. modest losses on the tech stocks. lower revenue and higher profit. we like to say going, going gone. going up 10%. 353 is again i'm not. disney installing boulders along beaches of the seven seas lagoon and orlando for a 2-year-old boy was taken and killed by an alligator to mind to go. disney stock barely higher.
10:32 am
at noon on fox business, donald trump outlining his economic plan. the speech follows that some are calling a bad week. newt gingrich says trump is back on track. watch this. >> look at the last few days. he's gotten the message. he came out and endorsed paul wright which he should've done in the first place. these are steps that are very tricky if you've never run for public office to jump from being a businessman to one of the two leaders and the presidency and is made the mistakes. ashley: from the great state of massachusetts, senator scott around. senator, can donald trump, will donald trump stay on message today. >> of course he will today. he is playing out a plan that quite frankly one of the reasons i'm supporting donald trump is because i want him to bring in really great minds to look at our economy and look at the debt
10:33 am
and deficit and find different new ways to solve the economic problems. when newt was referencing mistakes comment he's made mistakes. i've commented on them. the difference between his mistakes in hillary's mistakes with the iranians scientist his/her mistakes have cost .eople liv and then got the national security with the server and potentially as iranian scientist. it's going to be a great plan today addressing the things people care about. lowering taxes, creating an environment to allow businesses to create jobs. not government to create jobs and more regulation. ashley: we know hillary clinton is going to be her own unveiling of our economic plans on those they in the very same city. she's going to try and take away some of the fund donald trump takes today. what is the difference between her plan a donald trump's? >> it's easy. they will raise taxes.
10:34 am
they want more regulation and more government interference. it's no secret as to what she will do. redistributing wealth in trying to change the way we do business. there is no secret -- no mystery as to why businesses are thriving and going on all engines and leave the country because we have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. regulation after regulation. for the first time in my memory we have more businesses closing and opening up as a result of the onerous regulatory scheme put out by the federal government, which she will make on steroids. that's the difference. ashley: donald trump will say this economy slowing going nowhere, where hillary clinton will say you saw the last jobs report. starting to gain ground. how does donald trump asked that her comments with regard to jobs and the economy starting to pick up pace?
10:35 am
>> with all respect to that, cover you know as well as i do the people who left the job market is astronomical. the amount of people on food stamps is incredible and the fact that you have part-time jobs or jobs that aren't those od quality high-paying jobs, that is a problem. there has been job growth. gdp has been virtually flat for eight years. greg now the obama clinton economy is going to be continuing this stagnant muddling along. we had the best economy in the world. people are investing in the greatest dad in the world. with all respect you want to be an economic power and get our debt and deficit under control that's not going to happen. they will continue to print money with quantitative easing. continue on as diverse as having someone who signed up for another paycheck.
10:36 am
that's a big difference. ashley: scott brown, thank you for joining us. last week we place you a clip of hillary say you should raise taxes on the middle class and the cloudy wraps. donald trump is now using it in this ad. >> i hope you will compare what i am proposing to what i opponent is talking about. i am telling you right now, we are going to raise taxes on the middle class. in response, the mainstream media running headlines like this for the cbs news. trump campaign falsifies hillary clinton stance on taxes. howard kurtz joins us. this has turned into what we say a thing. one website analyst in hillary clinton's beach ways to make sure she wasn't actually saying aren't going to raise taxes on the middle class.
10:37 am
how did it get to this point? >> let me shed some light on this. i listen to some sound clip. at the same time she misspoke. she does want to raise taxes and was verypen on it but do you call them the rich or not depends on how you look at people making $250,000 a year. i don't think it's fair to say trump falsified it, but it is misleading because while you can argue her policies will have a negative affect on the middle class, it not her campaign's position. >> the transcript of a speech that art. ashley: she misspoke your next one. hillary clinton took a few questions after addressing the association of black journalists and association of hispanic journalists. it wasn't exactly hard-hitting questions. watch this. >> what is the most meaningful conversation you can't?
10:38 am
>> i can't compress into one conversation. they supported me. they chastise me. they have raised issues with me. they've tried to expand my musical taste. at the democratic party, does your campaign take latino voters seriously? >> i hope people take this election seriously because i assure take you seriously. ashley: is take those questions seriously read up there with what is your favorite color. >> softballs is too generous. those were wiffle. what is she going to say? a couple of questions about how can you leave the station. people think you are dishonest. via my she has held anything was in a news conference for 244
10:39 am
days. most of those were open-ended, they are friendly. it is kind of embarrassing than some of those journalists traded away their chance to question her on the national stage like that. ashley: donald trump complains he's running against her in the media. i agree with him. legitimate issues are ignored and trivial ones involving him or ones involving hammer blow now. would you agree? >> i've been saying for months it is also true of the primaries when he ran against the president. if you look at the last 10 days, there has been such an open offensive against donald trump by journalists who sorted deep down believe that he is such a threat to the country that we must stop them. but that is not the role of journalists. commentators say whatever they want. there's some good reporting that is so overshadowed. trump, chunk, chunk. here is a short story on
10:40 am
hillary. i think we have a real invalid and it feeds into the notion many people have said it's not fair and can't be trusted. ashley: thank you so much, howard. now that your money. some flights are resuming after the system was down for hours grunting all flights globally. not having seen any impact is slightly higher at this hour at the 10 favorite%. the cold, hard the airline stocks today? >> let's take a look. delta is to be outside and it's not unlike some of the others. southwest airlines had this happen to them. we also saw that american airlines had this happen to them. it's interesting how delta is the only one with the affair were the others are fractionally to the downside. this is a global issue, a technical issue and the problem is you have frustrated fliers to
10:41 am
see whether or not it's going to be taking off. the website is not even up and running. a lot of frustrated passengers today. they party canceled hundreds of flights. ashley: what a mess. trade for delta canceled 300 flights. ashley: iran executing a nuclear scientist. he was answered in e-mails kept on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. governor huckabee is all over this one and he is that max. -- up next.
10:42 am
10:43 am
liz: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. the judge on hillary's e-mails discussing that iranian nuclear scientist who was executed over the weekend. >> is the $64,000 question. did the iranian government is mrs. clinton's e-mail in which he referred to disguise their brand of evidence did when it tried and convicted him for treason. we may never know that. the point is senator cotton is quite correct. another example of the cavalier, in my view, criminal way mrs. clinton fails to retain the priority of state secret.
10:44 am
10:45 am
ashley: nintendo, pokémon donate to my inbox in its first month. pretty good by comparison a lot more than can a crash made in its first month. to date.
10:46 am
botox maker allergan reported a bigger second-quarter loss in its full-year forecast sales of the drug but the last patent exclusivity. down goes the stock more than 3%. we are now learning that hillary clinton used her private e-mail server to discuss details of the nuclear scientist who was executed by the ratings for giving information to the cia. maybe not a direct connection, but it certainly looks like it. former governor mike huckabee is with us now. great to have you. hillary clinton keeps saying donald trump isn't that you be president. this kind of stuff is pretty reckless, would you not say? >> it's very bad place. i think what is kind of revealing as when she revealed she kind of shorts or could it talking to chris wallace, look, i think she is short-circuiting a lot. it was a short circuit on her brain to think it was okay to put a private e-mail server in
10:47 am
her home where it was apparently hacked. it was short-circuiting on her part to lie to families of the dossier. we can go through a whole list of things. now we learn that she discussed with khalid and advisers on her private e-mail server was about the very first news executed this weekend. here's a question. what did the united states government do to prevent the execution of this individual? we've given them $400 million in laundered money. we've given them elegance of dollars in the iranian deal. they continue to laugh in her face and build nuclear weapons or at least attempt to. what kind of short-circuiting us our entire foreign policy going on here? that's more frightening than anything donald trump has ever said. >> you're absolutely right. it is frustrating for hillary
10:48 am
clinton and supporters, let alone those who do not want her to be president if the faction refuses to apologize on the e-mail server issue. she can say i made a mistake, that there is always a convoluted explanation as to why god everyone else thought it was okay so why when i think it was okay. she never takes responsibility. >> i do get to be president if you don't take responsibility? is not what the whole job is? being responsible, taking responsibility. harry truman had the buck stops here. the book goes everywhere but here. that is what we would be facing with the hillary clinton president he and why when she talks about anything to do with donald trump not being prepared, donald trump is quite prepared, quite fit to be president. i'm also convinced hillary clinton is most certainly not
10:49 am
prepared and are fit to be president. >> we will hear from donald trump in a little over an hour laying out his economic plan. this is an area where you can really set a differentiated south of hillary clinton. >> it's going to be a very seminal moment in this camp and where we understand a definite difference in the economic approach. donald trump is going to propose significant tax cuts which would stimulate the economy and job growth. he's going to propose a very practical thing like believing children are an important part of the economy and making it easier to have tax credits for child care. there're going to be a number of ways in which you talk about putting a freeze on regulation. every business owner, especially small business owners or is ending up at their desk and applauding when they hear this. on the other hand hillary talking about raising taxes, putting more government control. if you don't think you pay
10:50 am
enough taxes and the government is not doing enough to stop all over your face and a vote for hillary. if you think the government is to be dialed back and if you need to keep more of the money you've worked hard to earn rather than the government taking a government taking that coming a vote for donald trump. it really is going to be that simple in the economy. ashley: we know on thursday hillary clinton will lay out her plan for the very same city. what are you expect a mayor? >> i'm sure she will tell us she didn't mean it when she said in a class will pay more in taxes. she just short-circuited like she has done other things. her plan will ultimately involve more taxes and more government. she is going to say that. she may not be as blunt as i said it, but that is their plan and she has to admit it. ashley: governor huckabee, thank you so much. appreciate your comments this morning.
10:51 am
hotel bookings were down 10% in july and the travel research company says international flight companies were down nearly 60%. donald trump is about to come out with a big speech on the economy. regulations, tax cut thing. stay there. you both have a
10:52 am
10:53 am
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transfer oil at 3%. opec production phrase. s&p 500. take a look at this. ashley getting filled in on what is coming on at the top of the hour. the left attacking donald trump's wife. they want to know how she got her visa and why. trump supporters say this is a distraction by the democrats from the real issue. lack of job growth and growth in the economy. hillary clinton to explain her comments about the fbi investigation entered in the scandal. she short-circuited talks with chris wallace of fox news. a lot to say i'm not. more terror in europe. elgin cops attacked by a possible terrorist with a machete. ice is taking credit in our three of transcendent.
10:56 am
the carter talking to donald trump and his support among female voters. stay there. >> no surprise after hillary had a convention. whether you like her or not. there's a moment in time that she is the first female nominee. read you like or not, you have to celebrate the moment. on the other hand, the other factor at play as donald trump has been shooting himself in the foot. let's just remember -- ashley: is there any way he can call back? >> of course you can. this is accolade to. let's look at what has been happening. he had a very bad week. the crying baby. he should just be moving on, talking about taking america great with jobs, the economy, terrorism, national security.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
ashley: it's 11:00 a.m. on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. in california, we are awaiting
11:00 am
donald trump, expected to unveil his economic plan at noon, we'll be getting into the details this hour with one of his economic advisors. but remember, this speech comes after trump told our very own stuart varney on this program that he plans to form an infrastructure fund that is at least double the amount that hillary clinton has suggested. interesting. hour three of "varney & company" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> we're going to go to have to go out with a fund, make a fund, make a phenomenal deal with the low interest rates, and we're going to have to rebuild our infrastructure, we have no choice. stuart: who would put money into that fund? >> excuse me? . stuart: who would put money into the fund? >> people. investors. the citizens would put money into the fund. and we would rebuild our infrastructure with that fund. ashley: that's being announced on this very program. more on donald trump and his economic plan in just a
11:01 am
minute. but first, to your money taking a look at the big board as we like to call it. the dow off still 11 points to the negative. we're up 20 points earlier in the session, but essentially flat on the morning. checking oil for you. this is a big story. up more than two and a half percent on perhaps speculation owe pe opec looking to push oil higher. take a look at amazon. we like to keep an eye on the big tech companies for you. amazon moving lower now. down about a third of a percent at 763. apple meanwhile up slightly higher even though chinese consumers apparently are putting off iphone purchases until the new model comes along. we'll have more on that in a moment. but another big name we're watching for you. what about facebook? moving slightly lower down a third of a percent. google slash alphabet or the other way around, down about a third of a percent, there's a theme here. but microsoft bucking the
11:02 am
trend, at least staying on the upside just at 57.99. say 58 bucks. take a look at walmart for you. announcing a 3 billion-dollar purchase of, the online realizationer. stock down six-tenths of a percent. back to politics in about one hour, donald trump is expected to give a major speech on his economic plan and the way he will grow the economy. and there's always the infamous empty podium shot. let's bring in charles, washington times political columnist. thank you so much for being here, charles. what would you like to hear today from mr. trump? >> well, i think obviously the economy is something that donald trump still scores very well against hillary clinton on. and i think that what he's -- what we're going to hear from him is a very pro growth policies to fix the economy. what he unveiled on "varney &
11:03 am
company" earlier about the -- about wanting to sort of issue almost like war bonds. i think is a good, bold idea simply because, you know, i think -- it's like the economy has been -- it really is almost like a war. it's how serious the -- how serious some of the problems are. and i think one of the things we're going to hear from him. donald trump has been very successful in a lot of different areas talking about how things are rigged. and when you have a big massive federal government that is all about taxing and spending, people start to feel and justifiably feel that it's rigged. and i think that that's kind of the message he's going to give. but i also hope that he, you know, concentrates on giving a very -- you know, a positive speech about how positive things can be if we take some bold steps and put money back in people's pockets and, you know, prosper. ashley: charles, you know, donald trump has had kind of a rough week or two here.
11:04 am
so this is his opportunity as his advisors have been saying to get back on track. how much can he gain back? how much ground can he gain back by giving a strong speech today and really laying out his economic plan for the country? >> i think he can completely reset the entire conversation with a good, smart speech. you know, as we mentioned, it already is his strong suit. and honestly, the things that he got into so much trouble for last week, i don't think a lot of people care that much about a lot of that stuff. and of course some of the stories about him throwing the baby out of a press conference and fake purple heart. a lot of that stuff -- regular people -- or even the endorsement of paul ryan. most voters, most of his supporters really don't care about those things. and then of course it turned out a lot of that stuff was in the teacup anyway. so if he gets back to talking about the issues, especially the economy. the economy above all else. but also illegal immigration, terrorism, national security, focusing on this things, i
11:05 am
think that the race gets right back to even and then there's a very good -- he has a very -- he'll be on a very strong footing to take some, you know, lead there. ashley: let me ask you this on this topic, charles. the left focusing their sights on trump. >> first of all, we know her wife had a green cart defendant card. >> how did she get the green card? >> how did she get the green card? >> she knew donald trump. >> before she applied for the green card. >> and then she came -- this is the only immigrant in america you're worried about. i think it's amazing the one person decided to pick on happens to be the wife of donald trump. ashley: well, charles, i think nuk newt has a point there. >> well, it's funny we found
11:06 am
the first gold star family have disdained for and now we find the first immigrant they're concerned about. it's absolutely absurd. and i think it's kind of interesting that, you know, what donald trump got in trouble for at the very beginning of the campaign was picking out among illegal immigrants, again, illegal immigrants. picking out the one -- the bad actors. and highlighting them. and picking specific ones. and that upset the left so badly. and to have them now specifying a particular immigrant who, by the way, as of right now at least -- and there's no evidence that she ever was illegal. ashley: right? >> but for them to do that, it just shows there's literally nothing that they won't say and no issue that they won't use in order to smear donald trump. ashley: all right. well, i have to leave it there. charles, thank you so much. >> thank you. ashley: now this. breaking news out of afghanistan.
11:07 am
the u.s. embassy confirming an mile an hour citizen has been kidnapped. liz: yeah, we're getting details now. breaking news, ashley, an australia professor were kidnapped in the heart of kabul by four gun man dressed as police officers. we don't know who they're affiliated with. they're affiliated with the american university in afghan. sitting in the car, the gunman broke the window and dragged them out of the car. we don't have their names yet. now, authorities warn there's been an increase, spike higher in hostage taking in afghanistan. warning americans to stay away from afghanistan. ashley: very dangerous part of the world. that's for sure. ashley: thank you. now this. a global outage grounding almond morning flights for delta airlines. liz, back to you. i understand they are now resuming some of those. liz: yeah, so 800 of the 6,000 flights that were supposed to take place out of delta airlines are operating. 300 have been canceled.
11:08 am
more could be canceled. we values breaking news. georgia power, the local utility says, yes, it was equipment failure at delta airlines. ashley: that's all it took to knock out the worldwide system. liz: that's correct. ashley: oh, my goodness. what a mess. thank you. by the way, the stock, though, still up half a percent. go figure. in sports jim set the ga tour record by shooting a 58 in the final round of the travelers championship. six players in history have shot a 59 but stands alone with 58. through 18 holes shot ten birdies and an eagle. you have to tweet his scorecard. something we all dream about. liz: this is what a 58 looks like courtesy of espn. ten birdies, seven pars, one eagle. 46 years old. wow. really hit the record books in a big way. shooting a 58 at the travelers championship in connecticut. ashley: that's like a par three course. that's unbelievable. liz: yeah.
11:09 am
ashley: i would be happy nine holes 58. whatever. great stuff, liz. also in the sports world, alex rodriguez retiring. he will stay on to be an instructor. remember he signed the 275 million-dollar contract. now this former cia acting director michael morale throwing his support behind hillary clinton. judge andrew napolitano will be next on that. >> i personally provided her some of the most sensitive information at the central intelligence agency has. she never misused it. she always protected it. i would trust her with the crown jewels of the united states government. if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva
11:10 am
can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
11:11 am
11:12 am
>> i provided her -- personally provided her some of the most sensitive information at the central intelligence agency has. she never misused it. she always protected it. i would trust her with the crown jewels of the united states government.
11:13 am
there's actually a. stuart: er explanation here; right? you know, when she saw those e-mails, she did not see classification markings. ashley: that was former cia acting director michael offering his undivided support apparently for hillary clinton. judge andrew napolitano back. and i know you have some strong things on this. i would trust her with the crown jewels. i'm not certain the queen would. >> yeah. he of course has his supporters and his detractors. his detractors will say, well, he was involved in the talking points over benghazi and the talking points were changed for mrs. clinton and for president obama and for susan rice. and therefore he's going to support mrs. clinton. his supporters would say, yes, he did work with her. and with respect to the information he gave her, not that others gave her. ashley: right? >> she did not miss handle it. but what former director
11:14 am
morell misses, is that hillary clinton as did he on his first day in office, a two-hour editorial at which they swore the same oath. and that promises to keep safe, national secrets. and it says a state secret is a secret by virtue of what it contains whether it's stamped with confidential, top secret, or not. ashley: this wasn't confidential. >> playing right into mrs. clinton's argument. if it didn't have a stamp on it in big, black letters saying it was top secret, i didn't know it was secret. guess what, madam secretary and mr. director, you both have an obligation under law, and you both swore oaths recognizing your obligation under the law to recognize state secrets whether they bear that stamp on them or not. that's the issue -- ashley: all right. we're going to move on to the next one. where are we? hillary clinton speaking about
11:15 am
her comments on fbi director james comey's remarks regarding her fbi testimony. take a listen. >> i was pointing out -- and both of those instances that the director comey had said my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. i may have short-circuited and for that, i -- you know, will try to clarify because i think chris wall i say and i probably were talking past each other because of course, he could only talk to what i had told the fbi, and i appreciated that. ashley: you know, i think the explanation as i said earlier is more confusing than the original statement. >> i totally agree with you. i watched that back and forth between secretary clinton -- or charlie six times. they were not talking over each other. chris' questions were very clear, and her answers were
11:16 am
deceptive and misleading. when she said to him the fbi was telling the truth, she obviously meant the fbi said i was telling the truth to the fbi in my three-hour unrecorded -- ashley: yes. >> unscripted. ashley: yes. >> secret interview with the fbi. if there was no tape recording, i can understand that. if there was no tape recording and no stenographer taking everything down. ashley: uh-huh. >> i cannot understand that. that violates all justice department rules. because you're going by the notes and the memory of who was in the room. think of it. after she said what she said to the journalists on friday, the clips you just ran. ashley: yeah. >> and she said i told the fbi the same thing i said in public. that's inconceivable because she has been saying in public she neither sent or received anything classified. and inspector comey found 110 e-mails that contain secrets in 52 e-mail chains and five of them were select access,
11:17 am
fancy wording for the highest, and you cannot send them or open them inadvertently but must have a code that you have to ask for and the code changes every two or three minutes. she also told that group that she gave all of her work-related e-mails back to the state department, director comey. the fbi found thousands, plural, of unreturned work-related e-mails on the server, which she did not give back. some of which she attempted to destroy. so she continues these lies. ashley: but didn't james comey, the fbi director, during a public hearing on congress, they asked him this is what mrs. clinton said. is this true? and he answered at least two or three occasions "no." >> yes. that is correct. ashley: so right there -- >> she was really resorting to a source. even though the source concluded there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute her in the court of public opinion
11:18 am
dammed her as a persistent lyre. if she told the truth, the democratic national committee would have to remove her from the ticket because the truth is so far removed from the story she's been giving us for the past 15 months that nobody would believe anything she said. ashley: why can't she just say, look, i screwed up. i'm very sorry. i understand now where i went wrong. but she always adds a but to it and then has some convoluted excuse. >> yeah. ashley: thank you, judge, very much. appreciate it. let's check yahoo. view, tv watching site that features hulu, stock also up ightly. also about 40 minutes away from donald trump unveiling his economic plan. we'll be getting into the details of that plan. be standing ultravery podium in about 40 minutes. now let's take a look at this.
11:19 am
budweiser truck flipped over on the brooklyn express way. that was this morning sending beer cans onto the highway, onto the streets below as well. the driver thankfully uninjured. but the beer spill caused extensive delays during the morning commute. i don't see anyone trying to grab any beer, which is also good news. speaking of trucks -- what are you looking at? speaking of trucks, long hold truckee expected to be taken over. this is frightening, by robots by 2021. that's, like, five years from now. leaving millions of jobs at risk. you want a semi with no one hipped the wheel next to you on the road? no. we have the details next
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
. ashley: all right. we have some live pictures for you. this is from detroit. donald trump expected to lay out his economic plan there in the next hour. and, oh, yes. protesters already out on the streets. as the technology of self-driving cars continues to improve, new numbers show that technology could cost millions their jobs. so on the one hand, you know,
11:24 am
technology advancing, on the other hand, people losing their job. liz: yeah, there's a fear of 1.8 million jobs could be lost. morgan stanley saying the trucking century could see $100 billion in savings from self-driving trucks. now, what they're saying is the driver still needs to be sitting there. ashley: thank god for that. liz: can you imagine? this is something out of an anxiety dream. ashley: 18-wheeler. liz: but here's the other thing. what are we talking about where the can jobs could be lost? ashley: right. liz: at industrial companies meaning mines, they could have autonomous robotic trucks without drivers. transporting oil, or anything. is it a possibility? yes. already the federal government saying the driverless truck industry is at a stage where you just need a person sitting there. ashley: this is just the trucking industry.
11:25 am
this could be true across many sectors. liz: yes, that's true. ashley: robots taking over. liz: that's exactly right. ashley: i still don't like the idea of an autonomous semi. liz: right. ashley: two more terror attacks to tell you about overseas this weekend. one in pakistan, the other in belgium. is this the new normal for europe? we've been asking that question for a while. and donald trump expected to unveil his economic plans today. up next one of his economic advisers will give us a preview of what we're going to hear from him today. we'll be right back
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
. ashley: as we told you about half an hour from now, we are awaiting donald trump expected to unveil his big economic plan. this speech of course comes after trump told our very own stuart varney on this program that he plans to form an infrastructure firm that is at least double the amount that hillary clinton has suggested. liz, what else is he going to say? liz: well, he's expediency my policies are direct the polar opposite of hillary, which is obama 3.0. and those who don't read economic history or doom to repeat it, that's essentially what his message is going to be. if you want more of the same, elect hillary clinton. the economy doesn't have to be the way it is right now. he's going to push back on
11:30 am
basically tax hikes. he's going to say we're in dire need of regulatory reform because now four important sectors. health care, the internet, banks, and energy are under the lead x-ray of the obama administration. and basically he's going to talk about cutting business taxes and can you get -- we're looking for personal income tax cuts as well. so, you know, he is pulling ahead, or is equal to hillary clinton on the economy. so what you're going to see is two different visions from the two candidates. he's about giving it back to the private sector and the markets. hillary clinton is about more big government, more of the same. ashley: and it's interesting because you're going to have donald trump saying this is an economy that has been going nowhere for the longest time. the worst economic recovery since 1949. and yet you're going to have hillary clinton on thursday in detroit giving her -- the same city, by the way, of course. giving her vision of the way that the economy should be run. and she'll take credit for strong jobs number last week
11:31 am
i'm sure. liz: his point will be this. and it has yet to sink into the natural contest. this does not have to be this way. second the immaculate recovery that joe biden has been talking about since 2010. and you're right. hillary clinton will be talking about. it's not an immaculate recovery. we've got a really bad wage growth. why do we have wage growth trending around when bill clinton was in office? because the lack of really good high paying jobs. you saw that in the jobs sector. a lot of low service paying jobs. ashley: that's right. the quality of jobs. liz: yeah. ashley: so i guess the bottom line here, liz, is that this is the time for donald trump. this is in his wheelhouse. talking about the economy. liz: that's right. ashley: this is a billionaire who has been very successful after a rotten week or two. this is his time to shine. liz: it is his time to shine. now, the question is how would the media cover it? again, what we've never seen before in this country is the idea that socialism should be at the top of anybody's
11:32 am
economic policy roster. ashley: right. liz: and we haven't seen that as venezuela collapses, as brazil collapses, as ireland has gone in the opposite direction with 26 year on year end growth. remember ireland had a housing bubble and they took the opposite direction of socialist europe and south america. they cut regulation, cut government spending, cut taxes, wow the tiger is really roaring right now. ashley: it certainly is. at one point it was down there with greece. liz: yeah. ashley: great stuff, e mac. thank you very much. we'll get more on donald trump. now to pakistan where more than 50 people were killed in a bombing at a hospital. we've been following this one all morning, liz. this is to do with attorneys, am i right? liz: yeah, that's right. and what happened was president of bar association in pakistan, this is in southwest pakistan. ashley: yeah. liz: you're looking at a credit right now where the shooting took place of this lawyer. he was being taken to the hospital. then bombers showed up and the
11:33 am
gunfire was exchanged. now 70 people have been shot, possibly we're talking about 18 lawyers killed and people in the media who were shot and killed too. we're tracking the casualties. they're coming in by the dozens right now. ashley: the taliban? do they claim responsibility? liz: yeah, that's correct. the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack. ashley: horrible story. thank you. liz: sure. ashley: kept you busy this morning. liz: sure. ashley: in belgium two police officers attacked over the weekend by a man with a machete screaming in arabic. a familiar story, unfortunately. thank you for joining us. is this the new normal for europe, do you believe? these types of stories? because it feels like we're hearing about them almost on a daily basis. >> there's no doubt that it's the new normal for europe. the islamic state, isis, has called for these kinds of attacks. they've made a concerted effort to get people into europe to launch these kinds
11:34 am
of attacks from within the refugee influx. remember, the two of the paris attackers last november were refugees. this man was algerian national who came into europe in 2012. so there are many, many others embedded among the peaceful refugees, there are going to be many, many more attacks like this one. ashley: and the question is how much of risk is the united states? we know that europe has struggled with this. they have a large number of migrant refugees. to your point that have come in. what about the united states? where are our vulnerabilities? >> our vulnerabilities are everywhere. the morepeople -- the more refugees that barack obama brings in, the more likely this kind of thing is to happen in the united states. remember the tashfeen malik, the san bernardino shooter passed five different background checks from five different agencies. so we're bringing in only refugees that are vetted and checked and those are completely useful.
11:35 am
ashley: to your point, i want to get back to france. one of the suspects arrested in for the priest, even had a tracking bracelet on his ankle. and yet they were unable to stop this attack. but we don't have -- i don't think anyone has the resources to follow suspects 24 hours a day. >> that's the isis strategy. and see that man's isis tracking bracelet was turned off for three hours every morning and that's when he did this attack. the isis strategy was to overwhelm law enforcement in europe and the united states with so many of these jiha jihadis that we can't keep track of all of them. ashley: how do we stop this? and i would assume you would believe that this is going to continue. will it increase in its frequency? >> it's going to increase. there's just no doubt about that. that's 100% certainty. one of the things we have to do is really reconsider whether we need to bring these refugees in when the saudis, for example, are taking
11:36 am
absolutely none of them. ashley: yes. >> and attributing their refusal to the attack that there are terrorists among them. we ought to be able to do the same thing. ashley: very good point, robert spencer. thank you very much for joining us this morning. appreciate your comments. >> thank you. ashley: i want to get back to donald trump who in about 24 minutes from now will be outlining his economic strategy, taking the stage right there at that very podium in detroit. steve moore, economic adviser for mr. trump. what can we expect from him today, steve. >> hi, well, we just finalized the speech, so it's -- i think it's going to be a blockbuster. i think liz made a really good point that it was a bad week for the trump campaign last week. today is the day we start to really turn things around. and i think this speech with a real emphasis on, you know, tax reduction to bring businesses back to the united states, a pro america energy policy, and an emphasis on regulation and executive
11:37 am
orders. one of the interesting things donald trump is going to say that he will call for an immediate suspension when he is elected president and overturning of those, you know, dozens and dozens of illegal executive orders that you talked a lot about in this show. that's something that a new president could do with the stroke of the pen. ashley: and also regulation. mr. trump has talked about that a lot. that is regulation -- i mean, look, not all regulation is bad. but it can also be a huge drag on the economy. >> you better believe it. look what happened to our coal industry. the regulations out of the epa has cost of tens of thousands -- maybe 50,000 jobs destroyed by one regulation. so you see that, by the way, in the obamacare law as well. we talk about this on fox business, to cap their employment at 49 workers. all of those things have a negative affect on the economy. and there's another aspect to this, by the way, that donald trump is going to talk about,
11:38 am
which is putting good people in charge of these regulatory agencies. people actually care about business and aren't hostile to employers. i mean, yes, we want businesses obviously to comply with regulations from worker safety and clean air and so on. but you also want people, regulators who aren't going to try to destroy our businesses and frankly a lot of people obama has put in charge as enemy combatants. ashley: we are looking forward to what mr. trump has to say coming up in about 21 minutes. steve, you're right there. we're going to be talking to you afterwards. thank you so much for joining us. >> fantastic. we're going to hit this one out of the park. ashley: all right. 22 minutes or thereabouts. with the economic plans of donald trump. now, i want to get back to the delta airlines power outage story. what a mess that has been. hartsfield, atlanta international airport. jonathan, what a mess. how long is it going to take to get this -- to get delta flights back online?
11:39 am
>> well, they already have a limited number of flights that are leaving this airport. but it was a mess overnight. you can see the long line behind me. this is actually a kiosk that they have manned because many of the automated kiosks are not fully operational. earlier this morning, the lines were much longer. delta blames the problem on a power outage that occurred around 2:30 in the morning. flights already in the air were never in any danger but outbound flights were grounded for several hours. the problem not just here in deltas hometown in atlanta, but worldwide. this is the scene this morning at baltimore's logan international airport. the delays and cancellations weren't immediately reflected on the airport monitors, the delta website, or the delta apps. by midmorning, delta announced that limited departures had resumed. however, the airline tweeted delta customers should
11:40 am
expect delays, cancellations. customer service agents doing everything they can to help. now, the airline is offering wagers to travelers impacted by this travelers who fly for either completely canceled or who are experiencing significant delays. they can either get a full refund or reschedule on other flights over the next four days. back to you. ashley: what a mess. flying isn't fun at the best of times. all right. jonathan, thank you so much. appreciate it. tough day. liz: yeah. ashley: because i'm not on a delta flight today. let's look at the market scan and a big board for you. that's about what you expect. got about 16 to 14 on positive to negative stocks on the dow 30. how about that? disney making changes, by the way, where that little boy was attacked by the alligator. the details what they're doing to make the park safer. we'll have that for you next. and the box office suicide squad. the big winner despite the tepid reviews. the movie making it
11:41 am
135 million in u.s. box office sales. jason born falling to a distant second with 122 million. and still awaiting donald trump's economic speech. hillary clinton expected to announce her plan thursday. is she worried trump's got her beat on the economy? >> i hope you will compare what i'm proposing to what my opponent is talking about. i'm telling you right now, we are going to raise taxes on the middle class. ♪ guys, what's happening here? hey nicole, this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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11:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. seeing stocks right now somewhat mixed. the dow jones industrial average down 12 and here's a a lot being at the nasdaq. but seven of these hit lifetime highs. we saw the nasdaq and s&p moving higher today. and energy leads the way. once again some of the opec members, they consider freezing out that data boost, oil, oil up a third day in a row. the s&p 500 and that energy group all have up arrows and marathon and also you can see some of the others leading the way. and murphy. s&p winners and losers not only seeing energy higher but also financials. here's a look at some of the names. higher retail he's with we'll watch retail sales later this week. some under pressure. foods down about 5%. land alakes and the like. shrinking customers, stock down 3%.
11:44 am
11:45 am
ashley: disney world placing rock barriers along their man made lagoons to protect versu visitors frommal garrison. liz: yeah, they're building a rock wall barrier at this seven seas lagoon.
11:46 am
and also have signs saying dangerous alligators and snakes. please don't feed the wildlife. alligators are known to attack on dry land as well. so they're really taking all the steps they feel are necessary to prevent -- ashley: because the question is isn't this too little too late? there are 20/20 hindsight because other areas had the signs up. liz: yeah, it follows after the 2-year-old boy was killed. and the family is not suing the resort. ashley: right. liz: so we're tracking this story. and the question is will people listen? will it be effective? and will they have security there to stop people? ashley: over a million alligator florida. liz: yeah. ashley: and you can pretty much guarantee there's one around water. just minutes away from donald trump's speech. we've been talking about it all morning. there's the podium where he will speak. in response, hillary clinton expected to announce her plan on thursday in the very same
11:47 am
city. republican strategist joining us. thank you. >> thank you. ashley: we're focusing on donald and what he's going to say this morning. do you think we're going to get anything new this morning? >> well, hillary clinton is taking his campaign very seriously, and i'll tell you why. donald trump had two very rocky weeks this past week. and it seems as though hillary got a really very large bump. and now we see that it went back down. so they're almost statistically tied. 42% of americans are living under the poverty line. that's hard working white americans. this is the block of folks that have not had a rapport democrat candidate speak toward their issues on trade, bringing jobs back into the country. so, no, matter what donald trump says, these people are going to support him. so hillary clinton has to figure out a way to get the people from donald trump,
11:48 am
which is going to be almost impossible. ashley: also previous guest, as you mentioned there's been a couple of rocky weeks for donald trump. he's gone way off track and people trying to get him back on what he's good at and the economy is certainly one of those issues. how much ground can he gain back by a speech that makes sense? >> i think he has an opportunity to reach out to the independents, which are going to be important. the independents and bernie sanders supporters. 102million people right now are either employed or out of the market if you will. out of the labor market. that's a large, large number. so there's a number of folks that are really waiting to hear what donald trump has to say. these folks aren't registering in any of the surveys that the department of labor together. are these folks that believe that there are ways to get them employed and trade is one of the biggest areas for them to do that. and wanting to hear how donald
11:49 am
trump is going to make that happen. so i think he has the potential to draw in new voters, but he has to stay on message throughout. ashley: that's true. how nervous do you think hillary clinton is about this particular issue and her vulnerability on the economy? >> well, the thing is we see poll after poll with donald trump always outranking her in terms of what d who do you trust on the economy? he's been a successful businessman, a billionaire who has a populous message. so hillary clinton has to be very, very nervous because folks generally speaking don't trust what she says. no matter what her plans could be. and this one time i consider it she was being honest with the american people for the first time when she said i'm going to raise the taxes on the middle class. do you remember when she said that? she said it was a mistake, and it was a -- a short circuit of her brain. but i think she was being honest with the american people by mistake of course. so she has to be very nervous on this issue, for sure. ashley: all right. well,
11:50 am
donald trump coming up in just about ten minutes from now. so all will be revealed. john, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ashley: thank you. now this. one group of people who have not been heard by the economy. guess who? american billionaires. in fact, they're getting richer. liz, you have the numbers. liz: well, in america there's 782 billionaires and pull in three trillion. but four times as many billionaires in asia pacific. ashley: is that right? liz: and they pull in the same amount. so the total number of billionaires around the world, more than 2,473 to be exact. pulling in 7.7 trillion. but really not the america creating the billionaires. it's the asia pacific region. and if you count in europe, middle east, and africa, definitely counting more billionaires. ashley: and as stuart points out, they should be paying more.
11:51 am
they're not taxing the wealth. it's the middle class that gets caught on the let's tax the rich. because they're at a much lower rate. liz: yeah, when you talk about taxing hillary clinton or bernie sanders or warren buffett, it's about increasing taxes and that is going to hurt the middle class as you try to move up in the higher bracket. ashley: big distinction. liz: yeah. ashley: back to the money. let's take a look at the market scan or the 30 stocks on the dow 30. pretty mixed. half and half if you like. the market itself be with the dow that is down 15 points at this hour. and we are just about nine minutes away from donald trump. more on what we're going to hear from him. next i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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. ashley: we are awaiting donald trump just lens five minutes from now aunveiling his economic plan for the united states. this speech comes after trump told our very own stuart varney on this program that he plans to form an infrastructure fund that is at least double the amount that hillary clinton has suggested. we know some of the details of this speech. let me bring in liz macdonald. 15% corporate tax. liz: right. ashley: that would be huge. liz: that would be huge. let's back up. i am not, yeah. liz: i think what donald trump is saying government spending is going to work and printing money is going to work.
11:56 am
why reform at all? no matter what it looks like, they whip through congress all sorts of socialist spending ideas, and the thing is the middle class want an opportunity. they don't want a government lifeline. that's what's at stake here. and the democrat party has fallen through the looking glass. we've never seen a democrat platform look like it has looked like right now. it's a complete departurer from the smaller government economic growth platform. ashley: far more to the left. liz: that's right. it's far more to the left. and the president will say i inherited a recession. every president can say that. we only have 2% growth that he wants appalling. ashley: barrel that. we know he's going to talk about trade deals. mentioned this a lot, he wants to scrap in fact aand withdrawal from tpp. liz: right and so -- yes. and there is also union pressure behind the scenes of the democrats. the stubbornness has strained the democrats from all common
11:57 am
sense when it comes to economic growth. jfk will find it unrecognizable when it comes to economic growth. ashley: the dream. liz: the day was assassinated he was talking about more tax cuts. it was from a higher base but talking about economic growth tax cuts. that's what he was talking about. he was going to talk about in his final speech. ashley: that's an interesting tidbit and very, very pertinent to now. more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
tranter restarted the trading day on up now. the dow up 20 points. to my right, you can see this as andy tripp or donald trump is expected to be speaking and unveiling his economic plan. we understand he's pushed it back 10 minutes, putting the final details.
12:00 pm
we will be hearing from donald trump fairly soon after the top of the hour. the market down slightly. oil the big story up some 3%. unfortunately oil is up at the markets are down. i'll tell you who isn't down. charles payne. take it away. >> thanks a lot, actually. donald trump in a major speech in detroit will happen any minute. wall-to-wall coverage. thanks for joining us. this is caputo coast-to-coast. i am charlayes pne tournament where neil cavuto appeared really not an agenda to call for lower taxes, less regulation as a whole lot to dig into an majority got a of the plan from some of his advisers. one of them will join us in the next hour for reaction. former presidential candidate ben carson. let's start with chaie


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